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Technical Coordinator PAPA ICT


In order to cover more possibilities of candidates for the position of Technical Coordinator of Project, we have modified slightly the Terms of Reference and the application terms until February 24 of the present in the following terms:

Technical Coordinator
Employer:  The Instituto de Cultivos Tropicales (ICT)
Location: Peru
Application Deadline:  February 24th, 2018.  Applications will be reviewed on a Rolling basis.  Potential applicants are encouraged to apply immediately, please send a CV to papa.ict.convocatoria@gmail.com   
Call potential candidates for interview: February 25th, 2018
Interviews of candidates selected: In Lima February 26 - 27th, 2018 (09:00am to 05:00 pm)
Type:  Senior-Level, Full-Time Staff Position
Job Description:
The Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) works to improve foreign market access for U.S. products, build new markets, improve the competitive position of U.S. agriculture in the global marketplace, and provide food aid and technical assistance to foreign countries. The Instituto de Cultivos Tropicales (ICT) The Institute of Tropical Crops is a private law Professional Association, whose main activities are agricultural extension, crop research and market development in the Peruvian Amazon.

ICT is providing technical, programmatic and logistical support to USDA/FAS for the implementation of the USAID/Peru ‘Cacao Food Safety Assistance’ PAPA.  ICT will support USDA/FAS in working with the Government of Peru (GOP) to modify and implement the national action plan for mitigating cadmium in chocolate; pilot and scale remediation measures; and establish export protocols with major cacao exporters and the GOP.  ICT seeks a Technical Coordinator (Chief of Party) to support the objectives of this agreement.  
The Technical Coordinator (TC) will be responsible for the technical leadership and field management of the project.  S/he will oversee the long-term local staff, and any short-term experts in achieving project results.  They will also undertake regular assessments of the broader political environment within which the project operates, to ensure flexibility and proper management.  The incumbent will serve as the in-country lead in coordinating and advancing USDA/FAS’s work plan, and provide leadership, coordination and support for USDA/FAS as follows:  

  • The TC will provide managerial and technical oversight and direction to the PAPA activities.  S/he is responsible for all aspects of the in-country program management.  
  • The TC will be contracted by ICT. The TC will receive administrative and logistical support from ICT. In addition to receiving technical direction from ICT, the TC will provide direct support to and take technical direction from the USDA/FAS Project Manager for effective coordination and implementation of PAPA activities.  The TC will consult on a regular, periodic basis with the USDA/FAS Project Manager to evaluate the effectiveness of the technical assistance services under this agreement, and make needed recommendations to improve coordination, communication, and overall service delivery;
  • Responsible for planning, directing and executing assigned programs and functions. Develops, assigns, evaluates, and revises short- and long-range objectives and goals for the work directed. Identifies areas of emphasis and exercises leadership to ensure actions are consistent with agency goals.
  • Serve as principal liaison with host country government, counterparts and community stakeholders on program communications and technical implementation activities; 
  • Oversee the participatory planning process to produce a strategic plan for project deliverables;
  • The TC shall be deeply involved in the preparation of the Annual Work Plan (AWP).  The first will be submitted within 60 calendar days from January 17, 2018. Specifically, the TC will advance the work planning process by scheduling, facilitating, and hosting broad meetings with stakeholders in both the public and private sector. USAID/FAS will be actively engaged in providing a list of organizations that should be included.
  • The TC shall participate in frequent (weekly) calls with the USDA/FAS team in Washington, D.C., and where they are expected to provide programmatic and country updates;
  • Oversee all financial and administrative activities. This includes overseeing the scheduling, coordination and logistics for USDA/FAS staff traveling from Washington, DC.  Additional oversight includes ad hoc coordination of special events, conferences;
  • Provide read-outs from meetings to the USDA/FAS team in English;
  • Help ensure ICT complies with all auditing, reporting, record-keeping and other ICT compliance requirements as applied to this agreement;
  • Reviews, approves and submits financial reports from ICT to USDA/FAS;
  • Submits to USDA/FAS the final quarterly performance report and annual performance reports for ICT; 
  • Submits to USDA/FAS a draft quarterly and annual reports for the PAPA; 
  • Hosts weekly team phone calls with FAS/USDA, and quarterly project calls with partners;
  • Provide timely and accurate reporting to USDA/FAS on all program areas;
  • Provide input and implementation for Monitoring and Evaluation Plan;
Travel Required:
  • 50% or less – Domestic and overseas travel required
  • Selection and retention in this position is contingent on a successful Criminal History Check and a background investigation.
  • Travel will be required to underdeveloped areas. Some physical hardship may be encountered, such as poor road conditions, unstable social settings, climate extremes, exposure to diseases prevalent in unhealthy environments, and significantly different cultural environments.
  • Minimum 10 years of experience with tropical crops, particularly cacao;
  • Advanced degree in agriculture, economics, business administration or management, and/or substantial experience in applied agriculture economics in a developing country context
  • Knowledge of institutional capacity building in a developing country context.  Experience building capacity of a government entity in a developing country.
  • Expert level knowledge and skill sufficient to provide technical leadership, staff coordination, and consultation for the agricultural program assigned, including formulating guidelines, negotiating agreements, implementing new developments, and providing regulatory interpretation and recommendations to FAS and USDA leadership.
  • Experience facilitating or coordinating initiatives;
  • Strong and proven ability to work with government officials, private sector, international cooperation, academia;
  • Fluent in English language;
  • A working history with the U.S. Embassy;
  • Demonstrated strong leadership ability for effective project management, technical and analytical skills, personnel management, and strong interpersonal and teamwork skills;
  • Ability to effectively interact with and facilitate dialogue among government counterparts, local organizations, and private sector executives;
  • Prior experience implementing and managing programs in Latin America or similar country contexts is required; prior experience managing programs in Brazil, Colombia, and/or Peru is strongly preferred.
  • Prior experience managing international donor funded projects is required; prior experience managing USAID funded projects is strongly preferred.
  • Professional proficiency in written and spoken English and Spanish is required.

Salary will be based on a verifiable earning history, and based on the U.S. Embassy Local Compensation Plan.

The Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) works to improve foreign market access for U.S. products, build new markets, improve the competitive position of U.S. agriculture in the global marketplace, and provide food aid and technical assistance to foreign countries.  The Development Resources and Disaster Assistance Division (DRDAD) is responsible for coordinating USDA participation in technical assistance, training, and development programs undertaken on behalf of developing nations.  Specific emphasis is oriented toward, but not limited to, administering and implementing Agency for International Development (USAID) funded programs under Participating Agency Program Agreements (PAPAs), as well as agreements with other organizations and non-USAID countries.  The Agricultural Market Systems Development Branch (AMSD) of DRDAD is contributing through the USAID/Peru ‘Cacao Food Safety Assistance’ PAPA to the U.S. Government’s collective efforts in (1) helping the Government of Peru (GOP) carry out its plan to mitigate and remediate cadmium toxicity in cacao products; (2) establishing testing protocols to detect cadmium in cacao prior to export; and (3) piloting and scaling up on-farm remediation measure.

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From: Ramirez, Marleni (Bioversity-Peru)
Sent: Sunday, February 11, 2018 10:09 AM
To: santiagopastorsoplin . <santiago.pastor.soplin@gmail.com>
Cc: Thomas, Evert (Bioversity-Peru) <E.Thomas@CGIAR.ORG>
Subject: Oportunidad de becas de doctorado en Alemania.- trabajo de campo en el Peru asociado a proyecto de Bioversity y asociados

Hola Santiago:

Tenemos un par de becas dentro del proyecto de cacao con la GIZ. Son de doctorado en las universidades alemanas y el trabajo de campo seria aqui en el Peru. Ya se ha publicado en Alemania. Cualquier interesado debe contactar a la Universidad directamente. Es para empezar en Abril de este año. Tenemos este aviso, nos puedes ayudar a diseminarlo? 

Mil gracias.


Regional Representative Central and South America
Av La Molina 1895, International Potato Center
P.O. Box 1558, Lima 12, Peru
Tel. 51 1 3496017 ext 5201

IPGRI and INIBAP operate under the name Bioversity International.  With our partners, we undertake research aimed at improving people's lives through the use and conservation of agricultural biodiversity.

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 Palmeras en la nieve es una película española cuya trama se divide en dos tiempos: el presente, donde Clarence (Adriana Ugarte), una chica de Huesca, España, pretende descubrir el pasado de su tío Kilian (Mario Casas) durante su estancia en la Guinea Española; y el pasado, donde cuenta un amor prohibido entre Kilian (Mario Casas) y Bisila (Berta Vázquez), una mujer bubi. La trama escenifica la vida esclava bubi y la vida burguesa durante los años en los que Guinea Ecuatorial era una colonia española. Está dirigida por Fernando González Molina y fue estrenada el 25 de diciembre de 2015,1​ coincidiendo con la festividad de la Navidad.


El principal escenario de fondo de esta película es una plantación de cacao

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FUENTE: ANECACAO (en la fecha)

Precios del Cacao en el mercado Internacional

Cierre Mercado Cacao NY (USD/ Tonelada )
USD 2059Fuente: Inside Futures

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El distrito de Buenos Aires es uno de los diez distritos que conforman la provincia de Morropón, ubicada en el Departamento de Piura, bajo la administración del Gobierno regional de Piura, en el norte del Perú.


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