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World Final Winners – 2020-21

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International Chocolate Award 

The International Chocolate Awards is pleased to announce the Winners of the 2020-21 World Final, which was judged remotely by our judges and Grand Jury working at home throughout the COVID related lockdowns. Because judging took longer than usual, the season was renamed as 2020-21, giving our world winners more time to enjoy and promote their success. The next 2021-22 season will begin in September 2021.

The Virtual Awards Ceremony and Prize Celebration took place on Monday, 10 May, 2021, on Zoom from 3:00pm – 7:30pm, BST and was watched by over 200 attendees and many more viewers on our Facebook livestream (https://fb.watch/5qkwjaVSyw/)

We thank all our entrants, judges and winners for their support over the year and thank our partners and the Awards team for making the competitions possible in difficult circumstances. We are happy to conclude another great year of National and Regional rounds and to celebrate the ever increasing quality of craft chocolate and the established and new chocolate creators from around the world. We also thank our sponsors for supporting us throughout the year.


The judging panel was made up of members of our Grand Jury and international judges, including chefs, journalists, bloggers and chocolate specialists.

All judging is anonymised, included at the Grand Jury final session, where final scores are awarded by private voting according to the Grand Jury rules

‘Best in competition’ overall winners

Plain/origin dark bar categories

GoldCacaosuyo  (Peru) – Cuzco 80

Plain/origin milk bar categories

GoldQantu  (Canada) – Oh la vache! Morropón Milk 60%

Plain/origin bars

Plain/origin dark chocolate bars

GoldCacaosuyo  (Peru) – Cuzco 80

+ Gold: Chocolate Maker

+ Gold: Direct Traded

+ Gold: Growing Country

SilverCacaosuyo  (Peru) – Chuncho

SilverCacaosuyo  (Peru) – Lakuna

SilverCacaosuyo  (Peru) – Piura Select

SilverChocolaterie Morin  (France) – Pérou Chanchamayo 63%

SilverChocolaterie Morin  (France) – République Dominicaine Yamasá 63%

SilverFriis-Holm Chokolade  (Denmark) – Chuno 70% – Double Turned – Single Bean

SilverFriis-Holm Chokolade  (Denmark) – Chuno 70% – Triple Turned – Single Bean

SilverFriis-Holm Chokolade  (Denmark) – La Dalia 100% – The lazy cocoa growers

+ Gold: 100%

SilverFriis-Holm Chokolade  (Denmark) – La Dalia 70% – The lazy cocoa growers

SilverFriis-Holm Chokolade  (Denmark) – Nicaliso 70% – Single Bean

SilverFriis-Holm Chokolade  (Denmark) – Rugoso 70% – Single Bean

SilverFriis-Holm Chokolade  (Denmark) – Rugoso 70% Bad Fermentation -Single Bean

SilverMaraná  (Peru) – San Martín Dark 80% – Amazónico

SilverPacari Chocolate  (Ecuador) – Esmeraldas 70%

SilverPacari Chocolate  (Ecuador) – Guayas 70%

SilverPacari Chocolate  (Ecuador) – Guayas 75%

+ Gold: Organic

SilverPacari Chocolate  (Ecuador) – Lacumbia Arauquita 70%

SilverPacari Chocolate  (Ecuador) – Piura Quemazon 70%

SilverPacari Chocolate  (Ecuador) – Raw 70%

SilverPacari Chocolate  (Ecuador) – Tangara 70%

SilverPERÚ PURO Chuncho Gold  (Germany) – PERÚ PURO Chuncho Gold Grand Cru 70% ( * Max Felchlin AG)

SilverTesoro Amazonico  (Peru) – Dark 70 Chuncho

SilverTesoro Amazonico  (Peru) – Piura Dark 76

SilverTesoro Amazonico  (Peru) – San Martin Dark 70

SilverVigdis Rosenkilde  (Norway) – 70% Chuncho Kakao fra Kiteni i Peru ( * Theobroma Inversiones S.A.C)

BronzeBenns Ethicoa  (Malaysia) – Merdeka Blend (Malaysia Origin)

BronzeBonnat Chocolatier  (France) – Cacao Real del Xoconuzco

BronzeBonnat Chocolatier  (France) – Puerto Cabello

BronzeChocolaterie Morin  (France) – Madagascar Sambirano 70%

BronzeChocolaterie Morin  (France) – Pérou Pablino 70%

BronzeFriis-Holm Chokolade  (Denmark) – Johe 70% – Single Bean

BronzeMaraná  (Peru) – Cusco Dark 70% – Chuncho

BronzeMaraná  (Peru) – Piura Dark 70% – Blanco

Micro-batch – Plain/origin dark chocolate bars

GoldFu Wan Chocolate  (Taiwan) – Strawberry Beer Yeast 70%

+ Gold: Chocolate Maker

+ Gold: Direct Traded

+ Gold: Growing Country

+ Special: Fermentation additions

+ Special: Limited edition

SilverArgencove  (Nicaragua) – Masaya

SilverBellantoni Cioccolato  (Italy) – Cioccolato Fondente 70% Tanzania

SilverCacao Hunters  (Colombia) – Elizabeth 71%

SilverCacao Hunters  (Colombia) – Nihonbashi 66%

SilverChaleur B Chocolat  (Canada) – Maya Mountain 70% Cacao

SilverFu Wan Chocolate  (Taiwan) – Beer Yeast #3 American Ale Style 70% RG

SilverFu Wan Chocolate  (Taiwan) – Red Wine Yeast #1 70%

SilverFu Wan Chocolate  (Taiwan) – Taiwan #1 70% Ping Tung

SilverGoodnow Farms Chocolate  (United States) – Almendra Blanca, 77%

SilverGoodnow Farms Chocolate  (United States) – Asochivite, 77%

SilverGoodnow Farms Chocolate  (United States) – Esmeraldas, 70%

SilverHecho Chocolate  (Mexico) – 70% Cacao Criollo Blanco Finca La Rioja

SilverHummingbird Chocolate Maker  (Canada) – Hispaniola 70%

SilverKahkow  (United States) – La Esmeralda 67% – Single Estate

+ Gold: Organic

SilverKahkow  (United States) – La Magdalena 70% – Single Estate

SilverKahkow  (United States) – Los Bejucos 65% – Denomination of Origin

SilverKahkow  (United States) – Tireo 68% – Single Estate

SilverKahkow  (United States) – West Indian 67%

+ Special: Fermentation additions

SilverMinimal Bean to Bar Chocolate  (Japan) – Arhuaco

SilverMinimal Bean to Bar Chocolate  (Japan) – Fruity

+ Special: Rough ground

SilverMurata  (Japan) – Cusco 70%

SilverQantu  (Canada) – Bagua 70%

SilverQantu  (Canada) – Chaska 70%

SilverQantu  (Canada) – Chuncho 70%

SilverQantu  (Canada) – Gran Blanco 70%

SilverQantu  (Canada) – Morropón 70%

SilverStandout Chocolate  (Sweden) – India Idukki 70%

SilverSweets Escalier  (Japan) – Peru Cusco 75%

SilverSweets Escalier  (Japan) – Thailand Nakhon 68%

SilverUtopick Cacao  (Spain) – Paquibato 70%

BronzeEldora Chocolate  (United States) – 70% Maya Mountain Belize Bar

BronzeFjåk Chocolate  (Norway) – 70% Dark Madagascar

BronzeGoodnow Farms Chocolate  (United States) – Boyaca, 73%

BronzeGoodnow Farms Chocolate  (United States) – El Carmen, 77%

BronzeGoodnow Farms Chocolate  (United States) – Limited Release, Bahia

BronzeGoodnow Farms Chocolate  (United States) – Ucayali, 70%

BronzeJacek Chocolate Couture  (Canada) – Costa Rica 70%

BronzeLa Fèverie by Hasnaâ  (France) – Inde – Idukki 71%

BronzeMcGuire Chocolate Company  (Canada) – Arhuacos 70%

BronzeMeybol Cacao  (Germany) – Criollo Origin Vraem Peru

BronzeMeybol Cacao  (Germany) – N° 3 Chuncho Collection

BronzeMurata  (Japan) – Peru Piura 70%

BronzePARADAi Chocolate  (Thailand) – Thailand Blend Dark 72%

BronzePARADAi Chocolate  (Thailand) – Thailand Chanthaburi Dark 70%

BronzeShattell Chocolate  (Peru) – Dark Chocolate 85% Cacao Chuncho

+ Silver: High %

BronzeStandout Chocolate  (Sweden) – Belize Maya Mountain 70%

BronzeStandout Chocolate  (Sweden) – Guatemala Lachuá 70%

BronzeSweets Escalier  (Japan) – Peru Cusco 68%

BronzeTsinane  (Peru) – Bitter Tsinane 70%

Plain/origin milk chocolate bars

GoldCacaosuyo  (Peru) – Piura Milk

+ Gold: Chocolate Maker

+ Gold: Growing Country

+ Gold: Direct Traded

SilverAuro Chocolate  (Philippines) – 50% Milk Chocolate

SilverCacao Hunters  (Colombia) – Tumaco Leche 53%

SilverFriis-Holm Chokolade  (Denmark) – Dark Milk 65%

SilverFriis-Holm Chokolade  (Denmark) – O’Payo Milk 50%

+ Gold: Organic

SilverMaraná  (Peru) – Cusco Milk 50% – Chuncho

SilverVigdis Rosenkilde  (Norway) – 60% Mørk Melkesjokolade. Kakao fra Piura ( * Theobroma Inversiones S.A.C)

BronzeChocolaterie Morin  (France) – Vietnam Thanh Long 48%

BronzeFriis-Holm Chokolade  (Denmark) – Dark Milk 55%

BronzeTobago Estate Chocolates  (Sweden) – Tobago Estate Chocolate Laura ( * PRALUS)

Micro-batch – Plain/origin milk chocolate bars

GoldQantu  (Canada) – Oh la vache! Morropón Milk 60%

+ Gold: Chocolate Maker

+ Gold: Direct Traded

SilverDuffy’s  (United Kingdom) – Duffy’s Honduras Mayan Milk 61%

SilverHonoka’a Chocolate Co.  (United States) – Pure Hawaiian Cacao 55% Goat Milk Bar

SilverLidka Chocolate  (Czech Republic) – Sheep Milk Chocolate

+ Special: Non-cow milk

SilverStandout Chocolate  (Sweden) – Dark Milk India Idukki 60%

BronzeChen Rui Zhen  (Taiwan) – Children White Color

BronzeKaitxo  (Spain) – Peru Dark Milk 50%

Bronzekesshō  (China) – 58% Milk Chocolate

BronzeLa Fèverie by Hasnaâ  (France) – Venezuela – Chuao Aragua Dark Milk 60%

BronzeStandout Chocolate  (Sweden) – Dark Milk Madagascar Sambirano 60%

BronzeWhite Label Chocolate  (United States) – 48% Brown Butter Milk

BronzeZoto  (Belgium) – Mayan Red 60% – Dark Milk ( * Chocolatoa)

Plain/origin chocolate bars with alternative ingredients

GoldWild Blue Chocolate  (United States) – 70% Dark Chocolate, Pisa Haiti

SilverFjåk Chocolate  (Norway) – 60% Dark Milk Tanzania

SilverPalette de Bine  (Canada) – Milk + Maple Wild Harvest Bolivia 55%

SilverPARADAi Chocolate  (Thailand) – Nakhon Dark 70% with Pure Coconut Sugar

SilverWild Blue Chocolate  (United States) – 70% Dark Chocolate, Maya Mountain Belize

BronzeAmazing Cacao  (Russia) – Copuazu 62% with Almond Milk

BronzeArtist Chocolate  (Belgium) – Artist / Moulinet Malah Na Bulong

BronzeArtist Chocolate  (Belgium) – Artist Chocolate India 69%

BronzeCoco Kyoto  (Japan) – Peru 50%

BronzeGoodnow Farms Chocolate  (United States) – Asochivite with Maple Sugar

BronzeLuisa Abram  (Brazil) – Dark Coconut Milk Chocolate

BronzeSolkiki Chocolatemaker  (United Kingdom) – Costa Esmeraldas Dark-Milk 64%

Plain/origin white chocolate bars

GoldDanta Chocolate  (Guatemala) – Kampura White Limited Edition

+ Gold: Chocolate Maker

+ Gold: Growing Country

+ Gold: Direct Traded

SilverChocolatier Palet d’Or  (Japan) – Tablet Terroir Blanc Ghana 50%

SilverChocolatier Palet d’Or  (Japan) – Tablet Terroir Blanc Tanzania 50%

SilverWolter  (Mexico) – Chelo Caramelo 34%

Flavoured bars

Dark chocolate bars with an infusion or flavouring

GoldFu Wan Chocolate  (Taiwan) – Taiwan Tie-Guan-Yin Tea 62% (**)

+ Special: Local ingredients

SilverCielo Dentro Chocolate  (Mexico) – Chak 68% (**)

SilverFu Wan Chocolate  (Taiwan) – Taiwan Red Jade Tea 62% (**)

+ Special: Local ingredients

SilverFu Wan Chocolate  (Taiwan) – Taiwan Red Oolong Tea 62% (**)

+ Special: Local ingredients

SilverGoodnow Farms Chocolate  (United States) – Special Reserve, Brown Butter (**)

+ Special: Local ingredients

SilverGoodnow Farms Chocolate  (United States) – Special Reserve, Lawley’s Rum (**)

SilverGoodnow Farms Chocolate  (United States) – Special Reserve, Putnam Rye Whiskey (**)

SilverKasama Chocolate  (Canada) – Single Malt (**)

SilverPacari Chocolate  (Ecuador) – Guayusa (**)

+ Special: Local ingredients

SilverPacari Chocolate  (Ecuador) – Lime (**)

SilverPacari Chocolate  (Ecuador) – Rica Rica (**)

SilverPacari Chocolate  (Ecuador) – Yerba Mate (**)

SilverPrime Chocolate  (Belarus) – Prime Chocolate Angel’s Share 70% (**)

+ Special: Cacao flavoring/aging

SilverStandout Chocolate  (Sweden) – Nordic Nature Spruce Shoots (**)

+ Special: Local ingredients

BronzeCacao Hunters  (Colombia) – Limoncillo

BronzeCacao Hunters  (Colombia) – Pimienta 70% (**)

BronzeChaleur B Chocolat  (Canada) – Rye Whisky Infused and Grinded 70% Cacao (**)

BronzeChocolaterie Morin  (France) – Chanchamayo Laurier 63%

BronzeFu Wan Chocolate  (Taiwan) – Taiwan Magao (Wild Pepper) 62% (**)

BronzeGoodnow Farms Chocolate  (United States) – Special Reserve, Las Palomas Coffee (**)

BronzeHey Fun Chocolate  (Taiwan) – Oriental Beauty Tea Chocolate (**)

BronzeJacek Chocolate Couture  (Canada) – Whisky

BronzeKasama Chocolate  (Canada) – Kapé Espresso (**)

BronzeQantu  (Canada) – Chuncho 60% Maple and Maras Salt (**)

BronzeTesoro Amazonico  (Peru) – Dark Espresso 62 (**)

Bronze曾志元 Zengzhiyuan台灣Taiwan  (Taiwan) – Taiwan Plum (**)

Dark chocolate bars with inclusions or pieces

GoldMission Chocolate  (Brazil) – Three Theos (**)

+ Special: Biome

SilverArgencove  (Nicaragua) – Banana, Cinnamon & Cloves (**)

SilverEldora Chocolate  (United States) – 70% Zesty Mango Pinon Bar – Medium Spice (**)

SilverNina Fine Chocolates  (Peru) – Nina 67% Theo. Cacao&Bicolor+Sacha Inchi (**)

+ Special: Biome

+ Special: Alternate theobromas

SilverPacari Chocolate  (Ecuador) – Juniper-Enebro (**)

SilverPaul And Mike  (India) – P&M 64% Sichuan Pepper & Orange Peel (**)

BronzeBonnat Chocolatier  (France) – Jean Sulpice – Chocolat Noir Pistaches

BronzeDick Taylor Craft Chocolate  (United States) – Orange Bourbon Pecan (**)

BronzeFjåk Chocolate  (Norway) – 70% Dark Reindeer Lichen & Lingonberry (**)

+ Special: Local ingredients

BronzeFriis-Holm Chokolade  (Denmark) – Medagla Soy 70% – Dried Yuasa Soy (**)

Bronzegreen bean to bar Chocolate  (Japan) – Madagascar 70%+Nibs

BronzePacari Chocolate  (Ecuador) – Cusco Pink Salt and Nibs (**)

BronzePacari Chocolate  (Ecuador) – Green Olives (**)

BronzePalato Hand Crafted Chocolate  (Honduras) – 70% Dark Chocolate w Caramelized Ginger (**)

Bronzetete Bean to Bar Chocolate  (Japan) – Bergamot & Pink Pepper (**)

Bronze可味Tastychoco  (China) – Moutai Soaked Nibs Dark Chocolate Bar (**)

Dark chocolate bars with a filling

GoldGuido Castagna  (Italy) – MES Gianduja Fondente

+ Special: Naked

+ Special: Local ingredients

SilverEtat de Choc  (Canada) – Noisettes, Chocolat Noir & Sarrasin

SilverVolpati Davide  (Italy) – Gianduia Caterina

BronzeCocobel  (Trinidad and Tobago) – Máliaba (**)

BronzeVolpati Davide  (Italy) – Fondente Tre Strati

Milk chocolate bars with an infusion or flavouring

GoldFriis-Holm Chokolade  (Denmark) – O’Payo Milk Sansho 50% (**)

+ Special: Gastronomic

SilverCacao Farm Formosa 福爾摩莎可可農場  (Taiwan) – Tropical Island – 52% Kumquat (**)

SilverEtat de Choc  (Canada) – Cari

SilverFu Wan Chocolate  (Taiwan) – Charcoal Oolong Milk Tea 56% (**)

SilverFu Wan Chocolate  (Taiwan) – Rose Lychee Oriental Beauty Milk Tea 56% (**)

+ Special: Recipe

SilverLidka Chocolate  (Czech Republic) – Coffee Milk Special (**)

BronzeChequessett Chocolate  (United States) – Monomoy Mochaccino Chocolate Bar (**)

BronzeLove Brown Cacao  (Taiwan) – Passion Code #520 Maca Milk Chocolate (**)

BronzeSolkiki Chocolatemaker  (United Kingdom) – Applewood Smoked 63% Gran Nativo (**)

Milk chocolate bars with inclusions or pieces

GoldJoan Baixas  (Spain) – Chocolate con Leche y Crujiente de Kikos

+ Special: Gastronomic

SilverCoco Kyoto  (Japan) – Gyokuro Roasted Green Tea and Brown Rice (**)

SilverCocobel  (Trinidad and Tobago) – Felicity (**)

SilverFriis-Holm Chokolade  (Denmark) – O’Payo Milk Liquorice 50% (**)

Bronzegreen bean to bar Chocolate  (Japan) – Fukuoka – Houjicha

BronzeWhite Label Chocolate  (United States) – 58% Salted Brown Butter Milk

Milk chocolate bars with a filling

BronzeDaito Cacao  (Japan) – Anthem Gianduja Noisette (**)

White chocolate bars with an infusion or flavouring

GoldT’a Milano  (Italy) – Tavoletta Bianco Caramello e Liquirizia

SilverAruntam – Sensory Chocolate  (Italy) – Biancomangiare – Bio White Veg 48% (**)

+ Special: Reinterpretation

SilverChocolala  (Estonia) – Organic Blackcurrant Chocolate (**)

SilverChocolala  (Estonia) – Organic Sea Buckthorn Chocolate (**)

SilverCOFE  (Taiwan) – Paochong Tea and Mango

+ Special: Local ingredients

+ Special: Recipe

SilverCOFE  (Taiwan) – Red Oolong & Pineapple

+ Special: Local ingredients

+ Special: Recipe

SilverDaito Cacao  (Japan) – Miki Cha (**)

SilverHarrer Chocolat  (Hungary) – Red Beets (**)

+ Special: Gastronomic

SilverKasama Chocolate  (Canada) – Raspberry White (**)

BronzeBarbers Bean To Bar  (United Kingdom) – 35% Blond Chocolate with Sea Salt (**)

BronzeCOFE  (Taiwan) – Charcoal Roasted Oolong Tea

BronzeCOFE  (Taiwan) – Oriental Beauty Tea

BronzeKasama Chocolate  (Canada) – Philippine Durian (**)

BronzeKasama Chocolate  (Canada) – Strawberry White (**)

White chocolate bars with inclusions or pieces

GoldCastronovo Chocolate  (United States) – White Chocolate with Lemon & Lemon Salt

SilverFjåk Chocolate  (Norway) – White & Norwegian Gingerbread (**)

SilverGRANDPOIR  (Japan) – Grandpoir Snow White Strawberry (**)

+ Special: Local ingredients

SilverKaruna Chocolate  (Italy) – White Raspberries

SilverTerroir Chocolate  (United States) – Golden Milk White Chocolate (**)

BronzeQ sweet 精品甜點  (Taiwan) – Mulberry-Comfort Chocolate Bar

Combination chocolate bars with inclusions or pieces

GoldQ sweet 精品甜點  (Taiwan) – Passion Fruit & Pink Pepper-Combination

+ Special: Recipe

Ganaches, palets, ganache pralines and truffles

Unflavoured dark chocolate ganaches or truffles

GoldAndreas Muschler  (Germany) – Emelie

+ Special: Classic

SilverPietro Macellaro Pasticceria Agricola Cilentana  (Italy) – Piura Buffalo Cream

+ Special: Local ingredients

+ Special: Non-cow milk

SilverQ sweet 精品甜點  (Taiwan) – Classic French Truffle Chocolate

BronzeDandelion Chocolate  (United States) – Costa Esmeraldas, Ecuador Truffle (**)

BronzeGiuseppe Manilia  (Italy) – Ganache Madagascar 72%

BronzeNordic Chocolatiers  (Denmark) – Mayan Red Waterganache

Flavoured dark chocolate ganaches or truffles

GoldPaola Francesca Bertani  (Italy) – Un Tè con le Tigri

SilverColomb Béréni Création C.B.C.  (France) – Francescu – Safran et Délice d’Oranges

SilverDepetris Riccardo / Depetris…i Ciculaté  (Italy) – Mucillago (**)

SilverMusée du Chocolat Théobroma  (Japan) – Yokan & Green Tea

SilverPhiabella Chocolates  (United States) – Flamenco Diva

BronzeColomb Béréni Création C.B.C.  (France) – “Mintrastella” ou Menthe Aquatique

BronzeColomb Béréni Création C.B.C.  (France) – Chocolat Citron Vert/Basilic

BronzeLes Petits Fours  (Hong Kong) – Mui Kwe Lu

BronzePetriS Chocolate  (Finland) – Raspberry Truffle

BronzePhiabella Chocolates  (United States) – Cordoba

Flavoured milk chocolate ganaches or truffles

GoldMusée du Chocolat Théobroma  (Japan) – Earl Grey

SilverEvergreen Sky Catering  (Taiwan) – Passionfruit-Pepper Chocolate 百香果胡椒巧克力

BronzeLove18 Chocolatier  (Malaysia) – Lychee Rose Tea First Love

BronzeMAMANO CHOCOLATE  (Japan) – Big Ganache Arriba Brandy (**)

BronzeMusée du Chocolat Théobroma  (Japan) – Apple and Cinnamon

BronzeMutari Chocolate  (United States) – Candy Cap – Brown Butter Truffle (**)

Flavoured white chocolate ganaches or truffles

GoldForte Chocolates  (United States) – Eggnog & Rum Truffle

+ Special: Classic

SilverJentene på Tunet – Chocolatier  (Norway) – Multefløyel

BronzeBeans & Twins  (Taiwan) – October 十月

BronzeChocolatier M  (Belgium) – Sudachi Fizz

BronzeSuklaa Täplä  (Finland) – Arctic Blue Gin White Chocolate

BronzeTorta Pistocchi Firenze  (Italy) – Torta Albicocca e Cognac

Flavoured ganaches or truffles with combination coating or filling

GoldPaola Francesca Bertani  (Italy) – Ansonica

+ Special: Local ingredients

SilverChuang Chocolate  (Taiwan) – Daphne

SilverGuild Chocolates  (Canada) – FruiTea Bonbon

SilverPaola Francesca Bertani  (Italy) – Aleatica

+ Special: Local ingredients

BronzeChocolaterie Agnès et Pierre  (France) – Ganache Cêpes et Oranges

BronzeChoklid  (Czech Republic) – MalaCara Arabica Espresso Bonbon

BronzeFjåk Chocolate  (Norway) – Blueberry & Lemon Cream (**)

BronzeFjåk Chocolate  (Norway) – Norwegian Gingerbread Bonbon (**)

BronzeGarcia Nevett  (United States) – Ponche Crema

BronzeLa Botteghina del Cioccolato  (Italy) – Bee Dark

BronzeLa Fève by Pavel Pavlov  (Norway) – Rom, Orange and Smoked Milk Chocolate


Nut based pralines with dark chocolate

GoldGuido Castagna  (Italy) – Giuinott

+ Gold: Gianduiotto

+ Special: Local ingredients

SilverBodrato Cioccolato  (Italy) – Dark Cremino with Maldon Salt Flakes

SilverGardini  (Italy) – “Insolito” Gianduia e Sale Dolce

SilverGuido Castagna  (Italy) – Cardamomo Malva

SilverGuido Castagna  (Italy) – Cremino Cannella Calendula

SilverGuido Castagna  (Italy) – Cremino Menta Liquirizia

+ Special: Local ingredients

SilverGuido Castagna  (Italy) – Cremino Pistacchio

BronzePasticceria Ugetti  (Italy) – Gianduiotto

Dark chocolate enrobed marzipan

SilverPietro Macellaro Pasticceria Agricola Cilentana  (Italy) – Wild Oregano and Lemon of Sorrento

+ Special: Local ingredients

BronzePietro Macellaro Pasticceria Agricola Cilentana  (Italy) – Piura Violetta

Dark chocolate dragées, enrobed whole nuts

GoldPiccola Pasticceria  (Italy) – Nocciola Piemonte Bassinata al Gianduja

+ Special: Local ingredients

SilverBellantoni Cioccolato  (Italy) – Dragée al Caffè

BronzeCiocomiti  (Italy) – Ciocomiti Fave Cacao Ricoperte Cuvèe 71% (**)

Nut based pralines with milk chocolate

Silverle fleuve  (Japan) – Croissant Praline

Bronzele fleuve  (Japan) – Soba Praline

BronzeTeabites  (United Kingdom) – Macadamia ChaCha

Nut based pralines with combination chocolate

GoldGardini  (Italy) – Cremino Bigusto con Noci di Romagna

+ Special: Local ingredients

SilverGardini  (Italy) – Cremino Bigusto con Amarene

SilverGardini  (Italy) – Cremino Bigusto con Liquerizia

SilverPiccola Pasticceria  (Italy) – Piccolo Gianduja

SilverSverre Sætre Konditori  (Norway) – Vaffelhjerte

BronzeGiuseppe Manilia  (Italy) – Tartufino Gianduia

BronzeLeSaint French Chocolate  (United States) – Almond Praline Pavé

Combination chocolate enrobed marzipan

BronzeGuild Chocolates  (Canada) – Fruity Hibiscus Bonbon

Combination chocolate dragées, enrobed whole nuts

GoldchocoMe  (Hungary) – chocoMe Raffinée 301/C

+ Special: Local ingredients

SilverBellantoni Cioccolato  (Italy) – Dragée al Coriandolo

BronzeBellantoni Cioccolato  (Italy) – Dragée Mokaccino

Milk chocolate dragées, enrobed whole nuts

SilverBellantoni Cioccolato  (Italy) – Dragée al Pepe Rosa

SilverCacao Farm Formosa 福爾摩莎可可農場  (Taiwan) – 55% Honey Macadamia (**)

White chocolate dragées, enrobed whole nuts

GoldBellantoni Cioccolato  (Italy) – Dragée Pinolo alla Camomilla

SilverCona’s  (Taiwan) – Organic Ruby Black Tea Macadamia

+ Special: Local ingredients

SilverCona’s  (Taiwan) – Oriental Beauty Tea and Apple

+ Special: Local ingredients

SilverPalato Hand Crafted Chocolate  (Honduras) – White Chocolate with Lemon Almonds (**)

BronzechocoMe  (Hungary) – chocoMe Raffinée 301/B

BronzeCona’s  (Taiwan) – Tie Guan Yin Macadamia

BronzeTorta Pistocchi Firenze  (Italy) – Dragées Pistacchio e Arancia


Dark chocolate enrobed caramels

SilverChuang Chocolate  (Taiwan) – Beauty Green – Fiona

BronzeLa Botteghina del Cioccolato  (Italy) – Honey Moor

Milk chocolate enrobed caramels

GoldLuphia  (United States) – Mille Feuille Toffee – Orange Confit

SilverNaschkatze Münster  (Germany) – Karamell auf Haselnussknuspernougat

BronzeAriqua Denis Chocolatier  (Belgium) – Caramel Beurre Salé

Others – fruit/sugar/butter/cream/misc

Dark chocolate enrobed fruit pastes, jellies/gelée

GoldCacao Farm Formosa 福爾摩莎可可農場  (Taiwan) – Pancodi – 72% Yuzu Jelly (**)

SilverCacao Farm Formosa 福爾摩莎可可農場  (Taiwan) – Pancodi – 72% Mango Jelly (**)

SilverGarcia Nevett  (United States) – Tequila Lime

+ Special: Alcohol

BronzeQ sweet 精品甜點  (Taiwan) – Calamansi Island

Dark chocolate enrobed whole fruit

GoldMaychoco  (Spain) – Mango Bañado en Bean to Bar 70% Perú (**)

+ Special: Local ingredients

SilverBellantoni Cioccolato  (Italy) – Dragée Foresta Nera

SilverFalicetto Cioccolato Puro Piacenza  (Italy) – Sgranfgnòn Boero

+ Gold: Boero

SilverPietro Macellaro Pasticceria Agricola Cilentana  (Italy) – Boero

BronzeAndreas Muschler  (Germany) – Orangeatstäbchen

Dark chocolate enrobed manon/butter/cream

GoldFriis-Holm Chokolade  (Denmark) – Rose Geranium (**)

+ Special: Reinterpretation

BronzeChuang Chocolate  (Taiwan) – High Ball

Milk chocolate enrobed fruit pastes, jellies/gelée

SilverCacao Farm Formosa 福爾摩莎可可農場  (Taiwan) – Pancodi – 52% Lychee Jelly (**)

SilverCacao Farm Formosa 福爾摩莎可可農場  (Taiwan) – Pancodi – 52% Pink Guava Jelly (**)

White chocolate enrobed whole fruit

SilverBellantoni Cioccolato  (Italy) – Dragée Yogurt e Lampone

BronzeBellantoni Cioccolato  (Italy) – Dragée Cheesecake alla Fragola

BronzeBellantoni Cioccolato  (Italy) – Dragée Liquirizia e Arancio


Spreads with dark chocolate (no milk powder)

GoldGuido Castagna  (Italy) – +55

SilverPasticceria Ugetti  (Italy) – Crema Spalmabile Gianduia

+ Special: Classic

Spreads with milk chocolate

GoldGardini  (Italy) – Crema all’Olio EVO

+ Special: Local ingredients

White spreads

Spreads with white chocolate

GoldCona’s  (Taiwan) – Cona’s Roasted Oolong Tea Spread

+ Special: Local ingredients

SilverCona’s  (Taiwan) – Cona’s Pineapple Spread

SilverCona’s  (Taiwan) – Cona’s Ruby Black Tea Spread

Ingredients from cacao

Cocoa Powder

SilverChocolaterie Morin  (France) – Poudre Pur Cacao 100% Pérou Chanchamayo

BronzeChocolat Madagascar  (Madagascar) – Organic Natural Cocoa Powder

Cocoa Butter

GoldTesoro Amazonico  (Peru) – Manteca Piura

SilverChocolaterie Morin  (France) – Beurre de Cacao Pérou

BronzeCOFE  (Taiwan) – Cold Pressed Taiwan Cacao Butter

(*)  Declared chocolate maker for private label bars.

(**) Winner has declared the product is made with their own bean-to-bar chocolate or couverture.


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