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MOTAMAYOR, Juan Carlos 2016 CV


1865 Brickell Av. Apt. A-1208, Miami, FL, 33129, USA
                                                                juancarlos.motamayor@gmail.com; +1 (305) 775 71 69



2011 – Present           MARS, Inc.- USDA Globally Program Manager
                       Since 2011, I have led the activities described below, in addition to my other responsibilities as Program Manager, which in itself entails additional direct reports and budgetary accountabilities. These additional managerial responsibilities also include leading a diverse portfolio of research projects in genetics, genomics, agronomy and flavor; these multidisciplinary efforts are quite involved, and require maintaining an active collaborative interface with multiple public research institutions, private companies and development agencies in fourteen different countries.
2004 – 2011                MARS, Inc.- USDA Globally
                                    Senior Research Manager   
                                    Leader of an international breeding, genomics and agronomy program in cacao and other tropical crops in partnership with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA-ARS), Stanford University and IBM.
                                    Agronomy & Marker Assisted Selection: Established agreements, designed experiments and developed production systems models and dozens of high yielding disease resistance cacao varieties with the participating institutions of an international agronomy, breeding and genomics network. This program is part of the MARS Inc. cacao sustainability initiative. One of its specific objectives is to increase incomes of cacao producers by increasing yields and reducing losses due to fungal diseases in an environmentally friendly manner.                           
                                    Genome Sequencing: To facilitate the identification of genes regulating important agronomic and chocolate quality traits, a partnership between MARS-USDA and IBM was created in 2008 to sequence the entire T. cacao genome. The genome project involved managing research activities among internal and external laboratories involving gene-trait associations relevant to agronomic performance and chocolate aroma characterization. A first draft of the genome was released to the public domain in 2010, and a significantly improved version was reported in Genome Biology in 2013.                                  
                                    Research: I have implemented and/or overseen significant research activities which have led to dozens of scientific publications and the training of 13 post-doctoral fellows and graduate students.

2001 - 2004                MARS, Inc.- USDA                                                               Globally
                                    Research Geneticist 
                                    Research geneticist in an international cacao breeding program in partnership with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA-ARS).
                                    In an effort to help find ways to increase cacao's disease resistance, MARS Inc, signed a cooperative research and development agreement with USDA-ARS. Its goal was to develop a USDA-MARS managed, internationally (20 countries involved) coordinated, genetic-marker-driven, cacao breeding-research program. This program used a marker-assisted-selection (MAS) approach to select new varieties with resistance to the fungal diseases: Witches' broom (WB), Frosty pod rot, and Black Pod (BP). During the first three years of the program, markers linked to WB, Frosty Pod, BP resistance and yield were identified and multi-hectare hybrid and clone trials, new mapping populations, and promising genotypes were developed.
1999 - 2001                Amedei                                                                    Italy-Venezuela
                                    Provided consulting services as an expert buyer of fine cacao and for the development of new products. The criterion for the selection of raw materials was based on knowledge acquired through the scientific study of Theobroma cacao L. genetic resources.            
1996-2000                  CIRAD                                                                                               France
                                    Postgraduate Research                                          
                                    Performed research on genetic diversity and genetic mapping of important agronomy and quality traits in cacao.


1996 - 2001                 Ph.D. in Molecular Plant Biology
                                    Paris XI, Orsay University, France.
1995 - 1996                M.Sc. in Cellular and Molecular Plant Biology (Diplôme d’Etudes Approfondies en Physiologie Cellulaire et Moléculaire des Plantes).
                                    I.N.A.-P.G. (Paris National Institute of Agronomy, Agro Paris Tech), Paris, France.

1990 - 1995                B.S. in Agricultural Engineering.
                                    U.C.V. (Venezuelan Central University). Maracay, Venezuela.


-DNA fingerprinting and sequencing techniques

-Project portfolio management
-Networking (network of over 500 professionals)
-Agronomy, Genetics & Genomics Training Skills
-Supply and processing

-Planning experiments across different fields of competencies: from genomics to flavor characterization
-Agronomy: Planning and managements of field activities
-Breeding: planning and implementation
-Genetics: genetic mapping and population genetic analysis
-Genomics: molecular methods to identify and isolate genes

-Proficient with various software applications related to the above skills

-Tissue and cell culture: experience with sugar cane, apple, cacao and grape
-Cytology: differential interference contrast, fluorescence and confocal laser scanning microscopy

Spanish           Native Speaker

French                        Fluent

English            Fluent
Portuguese    Conversant
Italian            Conversant


by country and relevant institutions

Australia (James Cook University in Cairns), Brazil (CEPEC, CEPLAC, EMBRAPA, UESC), China (MARS), Colombia (Corpoica), Cameroon (ICRAF, IRAD), Costa Rica (CATIE, IICA, University of Costa Rica), Denmark (DANIDA), Ecuador (INIAP), England (University of Aberyswith, Nottingham and Reading), France (Bioversity, CIRAD, INRA, CNRS, INA-PG, ORSTOM, Universites Pierre et Marie Curie et d’Orsay), Germany (University of Hamburg, GTZ). Ghana (Cocobod, CRIG), Guatemala (MAGA), Indonesia (ICRI, Salim Group), Israel (Arava Institute), Italy (Amedei), Ivory Coast (CNRA, ANADER), Kenya (ICRAF), Malaysia (Malaysian Cocoa Board), Mexico (Colegio de Post Graduados de Tabasco, Consejo Mexicano del Hule, INIFAP), Netherlands (MARS, Solidaridad, UTZ), Nicaragua (INTA), Nigeria (CRIG, IITA), Norway (NORAD), Papua New Guinea (CCI), Peru (ICT, Universidad de la Selva), Philippines (Mindanao University), Singapore, (BioMachines, MARS Asia, Small World Group Incubator Pte Ltd), Trinidad (CRU, University of Trinidad and Tobago), United States of America (CI, Illumina, NSF, MARS, Roche, Clemson, Cornell, Florida International, Indiana, Florida, Nebraska, Stanford and WS Universities, USDA, WCF, World Bank), Venezuela (CONACYT, FUNDACITE, IDEA, INIA, UCV) and Vietnam (Ministry of Agriculture, University of Nonglam). 


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·         Samantha Forbes (PhD level). University of Sidney, Australia
·         Ashely Duval (PhD level), University of Florida, Miami
·         Seth Findley (Post Doc), USDA, Miami
·         Donald Livingstone (Post Doc), USDA, Miami
·         Conrad Stack (Post Doc), USDA, Miami
·         Agung Susilo (Post Doc), ICCRI, Indonesia-Miami.
·         Stefan Royaert (Post Doc), USDA, Miami.
·         Omar Cornejo (Post Doc), University of Stanford, Palo Alto-Miami
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·        Bruno Efombagn (PhD level). Centre National pour la Recherche Agronomique. Cameroun-Miami.
·         Phuong Dung Nguyen (Master level). Nonglam University. Vietnam-Miami.
·         James Quiroz (Master level). INIAP. Ecuador.
·         Olga Movil (Master level). Universidad Central de Venezuela. Venezuela.

Ph.D. scholarship (1996-2000) from The Venezuelan National Council for Science and Technology (CONICIT)

Ph.D. research was partially sponsored by the International Plant Genetics Research Institute (IPGRI) through the receipt of the Vavilov-Frankel Fellowship 1998

Master degree scholarship from the French Agricultural Research Institute (INRA)

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